Secret Saturdays Pornography Story: Kylie Who Chapter 12

Secret Saturdays Pornography Story: Kylie Who Chapter 12

here is the epilogue and if any of you guys have eny ideas that you want me to use in my next story pm me and i will try to weave them all together


Sneak Peak


Zaks POV

Zak have you seen my knife? Kylie said while walking down the hall

Yah its right here. I said handing her the knife it was the same knife that she stole from Argost when we were 11

Thanks I got to go we are out of lucky charms.

I you need your knife for that?

I always need my knife and my sniper you know that.

Yah I know but still it is just weird I mean you are 21 and you carry around a knife dont you think that, that is kind of scary?

Not really.

Alright but you need to be back soon we are leaving for Wisconsin in an hour to record if the Ahool really exists.

I know, I know Ill be back in time.




I will be writing a sequel. Kylie and Zak are now 21 years old they live together/work together in the Wyoming woods (not yellow stone) a house that is similar to Zaks parents but theirs has no legs coming out. Kylie is still a genus and still wears the same thing but now the bottom of her pants are torn as well and she looks more like a woman than like a kid. She still has her child curiosity and her child innocence. Her hair is now longer and she only wears it down for formal events. She now has a black motor cycle that she uses in stead of a car unless she ha to go some were with Zak

Zak is now 21 as well; he looks more adult but still sometimes acts like a kid. His hair is now longer it goes down to his shoulders and he ties it back sloppily/stylishly in a low pony tale, he wares black pants and a orange tee shirt he also wears a pail mustard button up shirt the he wears unbuttoned over his tee. Kylies and Zaks job still has to do with cryptids but they mostly focus on looking for people who illegally sell cryptids or torture them. They find them and arrest them they then give the cryptids to Doc and Drew who relocate them but they still study them as well.

i couldnt find a way to word this any better so if you have questions on anything in my story or in this little ch thing let me know and i will happly answer them. =]

-Hola Broha

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