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Secret Saturdays Porn Story: Lost Memories Chapter 1

Secret Saturdays Porn Story: Lost Memories Chapter 1

Hullo everyone!! No one may remember me, but wow! This place has grown 4 more pages since I ‘ve last been here!! Wow!! Okay, no one may reconize me, so I’ll say that my name was japaneseanimelover03 at he begininning. Remember? Okay, so anyways, Crystalshake seems to never answer her PMs, so I’ll just say that I felt sympathy for the fans who never figured out the ending to Lost memories, so i was going to continue it. But unfortunately, I cannot remember the name tlo thre girl who Zak refered to as Big Breasted in the second or 3rd chapter. So if any1 can remember it, just PM me, or whatever.

For those who don’t know about the story, this is the plot: Zak wakes up in this mysterious castle with amnesia, unable to remember anything farther than his name and age.

So like yeah, I’ll make character profiles, too, for any1 who doesn’t know the characters. So like hyeah. next time, i’ll say what has happened so far, kays???

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Chesty Drew Saturday glance ideal

The Secret Saturdays Sex

Hentai Picture: Chesty Drew Saturday glance ideal
Secret Saturdays characters are so spoiled that they are eager to copulate in all the wrong places, every day and in every way you can think of… Enjoy the hot show where Drew Saturday gets undressed and groans with violent desire for more than two times after a rough fuck in the ass! Sex-starved Secret Saturdays hooker craves for a huge ebony boner pushed al the way down into her butt snatch, and then blow it till it pours sperm into her mouth and on her face!

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Secret Saturdays Porn Story: The Underground Chapter 2

Secret Saturdays Porn Story: The Underground Chapter 2

Disclaimer: I own nothing but Azurvi: 3

An hour later after Zak had faced a
snarling monster that turned into a girl, the same girl that had
fallen unconscious, was beginning to wake up. She hadnt been moved
or touched; for fear that whatever possessed her may return. The
Saturdays stood poised to take action in the event of the monster
returning or more coming to her aid.

Drew had been working into over
drive while that hour had passed trying to translate the marks on her
skin and the surrounding walls.

Okay so the glowing is caused by
a fine powder from a gem called curcium. I havent figured
out why the chains are embedded with this gem. But on the chain there
is another phrase repeating over and over. This one reads forever
bound by the sin of the nation of your blood, now Im not sure
but it almost reads as an incantation. The characters in this room
and on the chain are slightly different than the characters in the
entrance, they read the same but at the same time they dont. I, I
dont know. Ive hit a brick wall here. Drew sighed tapping
away at her personal hand held.

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Huge-chested Drew Saturday view flawless

Secret Saturdays Hentai Comics

Hentai Picture: Huge-chested Drew Saturday view flawless
Make sure that this hardcore stuff much more agile than you can even dare to imagine: the most wailing, well-trained and the smartest dicks all at our place. Cock-craving Drew Saturday wearing staggering stockings gets group-banged and splashed with seaman by four perverted bucks! Feels like fuck-huungry Secret Saturdays babes haven’t been screwed for too long a time!

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Secret Saturdays Porn Story: Kylie Who Chapter 2

Secret Saturdays Porn Story: Kylie Who Chapter 2

ok i noe i didnt get 5 reviews but i have nothing to do so i wrote the chapter
i dont own eny thing of the secret saturdays except for kylie enjoy

The Locket

Kylies POV

Zak and I where in the vent, we where looking in the room where his parents and Matt were. The room was pretty bright and then I remembered the locket and how it reflects light and even if it is not a lot of light Matt would still notice it because he notices him everything. When I looked down it flashed at Zak and then into the room, I quickly grabbed it and put it in my shirt. When I looked back in the room I saw Matt looking at us and he quickly jumped up and pulled us out and when I say fast I mean fast, faster than I could put my hand down. We fell to the ground he looked at me not in disappointment but not in shock but more like about time

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Put this on and do your job!

The Secret Saturdays Miranda Grey Porn Pic

Hentai Picture: Put this on and do your job!
Get the best in content here at this Secret Saturdays site both for those familiar with the show and the uninitiated… Sexy whore shows off her large brown eyes and enjoys getting creampied after getting done… Secret Saturdays babes get caught in the fuck craze: you’ve never seen them go so bad horny and sexually eager…

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Secret Saturdays Porn Story: Van Rooks First Apprentice Chapter 1

Secret Saturdays Porn Story: Van Rooks First Apprentice Chapter 1

Alright, I’m Kendell, this is my first fic in this section, or any cartoon section series. Anyway, I love this show and something in the first episode struck my attention. When Doc and Doyle were fighting, Doc asked Doyle if Van Rook told him what he did to his last apprentice? So I thought it might be intresting. This fic also explains why they don’t get alone very well and why Doc is so serious. I hope I did well, please enjoy!

Van Rooks First Apprentice

Doc was in the training area of the Saturdays home, fighting combat droids, blowing off some steam. The lights were out because he didnt want anyone to notice he was in here, he didnt want to have to explain what was going on to Drew. Doyle had come by to visit, Zak and Drew had insisted he stay the night, needless to say, Doc hadnt been to happy about that. He and Doyle hadnt hit off, obviously, something about Doyle made Docs blood boil, that cocky attitude of hisand Doc knew exactly why, he himself had once been the same, before they discovered the Kur Stone and faced Argost for the first timeand it had gotten someone killed, someone he didnt knowbut still someone that didnt deserve to die. He figured Van Rook had told Doyle anyway. He dodged a punch from the droid and flipped it over him with his legs. Another robot came up behind him and he caught a kick. He swung the robot around and smashed it into the wall, it fell onto the robot he already had beaten, which in turn was laying on about ten already beaten ones. A third tried to attack him, he ducked its attack and picked it up overhead and threw it into the wall, causing it to fall onto the pile with the others. The lights flipped on and he turned to see Doyle clapping his hands. Good job, Doc, but robots cant really fight can they? he said.

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Zak saturday jard nail buxom Drew Saturday

Secret Saturdays Pornecret Saturdays Porn

Hentai Picture: Zak saturday jard nail buxom Drew Saturday
Secret Saturdays personages fuck like rabbits: you never saw them so excited and fuck-caving… Cock-hungry Drew Saturday dreams to get her pussy filled without stopping and every bit of spew from those wieners. Another teen hottie from Secret Saturdays boasts this gorgeous cleavage to demonstrate us and she never refuses anyone with a hard cock…

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Secret Saturdays Porn Story: Aprentice Revisited – Chapter 1

Secret Saturdays Porn Story: Aprentice Revisited – Chapter 1

Disclaimer: I do not own anything; I make no money off of this. This is all for enjoyment.

Just a little one shot I did for fun. There are going to be parts that are taken directly (as far as I can remember) from the show. So, if it looks familiar it more than likely is not mine. (***denotes scene change)

After telling Zak and Fiskerton about her past Drew sent Zak to get ready for bed. Soon after Zak left the room an urgent message lit up the screen.
Doyle? Drew asked surprised.

If you really are my sister I could use some help. I think I got myself into some serious trouble. Doyle said in a rush. All of a sudden a blast in the background sounded. Rushed, Doyle hurriedly gave Drew a time and place to meet.


Fisk and Komodo kept looking back and forth between the two arguing Saturday adults.

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Secret Saturdays Porn Story: New Friends mean New Adventures Chapter 2

Secret Saturdays Porn Story: New Friends mean New Adventures Chapter 2

the second chapter

was walking in the forest around Weird World Headquarters.
Thankfully the dragon he was locked up with had some sort
of shadow power that allow them to escaped. If only you
were bigger I could ride you outta here Zak said to the
dragon. He looked her in the eyes and turned away. Zak
couldnt place his finger on it but the dragons eyes
looked just like Cynders. Although he only knew her for
a few days he can tell she was hiding something. Zak began
thinking of Cynder. Her long black hair, her like of
wearing black and pink clothes, her spiked collar and wrist
bands, her pale skin and her beautiful yet mysterious blue
eyes. Mizore told him Cynder pretty much kept to herself
when she first came to the school until Toph found out she
and Cynder were neighbors. Soon Zak almost past out. He
had sight fever after being stuck in that damn cell for 3
days. The black dragon was his only creature with him at
the time. Unfortunately it was getting dark and Zak knew
that Argost try capture him and teach him some manners
with means Munya will beat Zak up again. Zak and the
dragon found a small cave but large enough for him and the
dragon to squeeze though. Zak put some damp moss he found
on the rocks on his forehead. The moss felt good on his
warm face then he fell asleep. The dragon stay up to keep
anyone from hurting her friend. A few hours later the
dragon heard something like an airship landing a few feet
away. The dragon put some new moss on Zaks forehead and
looked for what made the sound. Soon in a clearing the
dragon saw two men arguing and a white hair woman trying
to stop them with a gorilla-cat, a komodo dragon and a
flying dinosaur watching. As they fought the dragon sunk
behide the female then jumped to garb something she was
wearing on her back. Hey back here you little bastard!
the woman shouted. The dragon ran as fast as she could
and ducked into the cave her friend was in. The people
that were making the opening a little bigger to get though
when they saw that the dragon was just trying to get them
to Zak Greetings and Bienvenue, Saturdays I think you
have something that belongs to me Argost came out of
nowhere Argost you sent Van Rook after our son didnt
you? Your right now Ill take him back Over my
dead body Drew pulled out her fire sword, Doc putted on
his Power glove, and Doyle readied his concussive grenades.
Argost sighed and snapped his fingers. Munya already
transformed landed behide the Saturdays Say good bye
Saturdays forever Argost laughed but stopped when something
bitted his leg. It was the little dragon. Argost kicked it
off only hear a large roar belonging to a large dragon
flying over them. The dragon chased Munya and Argost away
as it landed. The Saturdays got ready when the large dragon
landed but the little ran to its foot and purred. The
large dragon licked a few times then picked it up and laid
the little dragon on its back. Soon the two dragons took
off as Doyle pulled Zak out of the cave. The Saturdays
took Zak back to the airship and Doyle took off to his
new job. That night Doc and Drew were practicing some fight
move Honey youll wake Zak up At this time of
night? I doubt it. Zak maybe sick but I dont think
well disturb him Doc said as he dodged his wifes
attacks. Then Doc stop and asked Zak what are you doing
up? Drew looked at the doorway and saw Zak rubbing his
eye Were sorry baby did we wake you? Zak nodded
his head and groaned as he held his stomach and fell to
his knees. Doc walked up and lifted Zak. In the infirmary.
Doc put Zak down on an infirmary bed Okay Zak whats
wrong? My stomach Zak placed his hand over his
mouth as if trying to hold something back. Doc grabbed a
trash can and lifted up to Zak. Zak threw up in it I
see Drew came in Well? Zak seem to have an
upset stomach. Zak what did Argost give you? Gruel. I
think I saw it move Oh my poor baby Drew hugged
her son Mom Zak groaned. Doc lifted up the trash can
but Zak didnt need to puke again. All he wanted was for
his stomach to stop hurting. The next day. Doyle dropped
by Hey sis. What up? Zaks sick with an upset
stomach and fever, no thanks to Argost Oh great but I
do have some good news and bad news. The good news is I
some medicine for Zaks fever Doyle pulled out a bottle
of medicine And the bad news? Drew asked I think
Argost is coming to capture Zak again Great just
prefect. What we all need, more of Argost getting into our
lives and finding keys to Kur! Drew shouted and slumped
in the couch and sighed Dont worry sis, Ill help
protect Zak promise Doyle said as he sat down by Drew
and place one hand on her shoulder. That night Zak for
some reason got up and walked out to the outside.
Unknowingly Zak stepped on Komodos tail. Komodo went to
get Doc and Drew as Zak went outside. Outside Argost
come out you coward! Zak shouted as loud as he could
Greetings young Saturday. How may I help you? Argost
stepped out of the shadows You can start by telling me
what the hell is going on? Why are you here? And how did
I know youll be here? Dear boy all your questions
will be answered very soon Zak started to feel pain
exploded inside him making him scream in pain and Argost
laughed. Then a wave of flame hit him Argost what have
you done to him!? Drew demanded with her Fire Sword in
hand and Doc right behide her with his Power Glove on
Just a little something that will help me find Kur
Argost laughed again. Doc picked Zak up to him away from
Argost. Drew gave Argost another wave of fire and then
followed Doc. Doyle was trying to turn on the force field
and success. Is the little man okay? Doyle ran up to
help. In the infirmary. Doc laid Zak on an infirmary bed.
Zak was still in a great amount pain. Zak soon flipped
over to lay on his front side. Then a wolf-like tail
ripped though his pants then claws ripped though the tip of
his fingers and toes and fangs formed in his mouth and
his ears turn pointy and pulled up on to his head. Mom,
Dad, Doyle, whats happening to me? Zak asked. Thick
black covered Zaks body then a white stripe ran down
from Zaks chin to between the legs formed. A snout form
and Zak felt stronger then before soon his shirt ripped.
Finally his eyes turned emerald green and with that the
transformation was complete. Zak Saturday was a werewolf. Zak
soon turned his head to his family Mom, dad, Uncle
Doyle, please help me Drew walked up to Zak and hugged
him Its okay baby. Well find a way to reverse this
but first lets get you some clothes Drew left and came
back a minute later with a extra-large shirt. She place it
Zak and he buttoned it up Okay Zak can you walk? Doc
asked I think so Zak got down from the bed and
tried but he fell. After a couple of tries until Zak
finally manage to walk perfectly on two feet. In the
morning Zak was completely human Mom! Dad! Look Im
normal again Thats mean you can go back to school
Monday but its Sunday which mean you dont have worry
until tomorrow Drew reminded. Zak groaned then went back
to bed to get some more sleep. At Weird World Headquarters
Argost was grinning to himself So the Saturday boy has
finally transform. The next time he does hell be under
my control Argost laugh uncontrollably.

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