Secret Saturdays Pornography Story: the scary vid Chapter 1

Secret Saturdays Pornography Story: the scary vid Chapter 1

Drew angrily kicked the kitchen ,for some reason, wouldn’t work. While she was quietly swearing at the stove her spouse came sneaking up behind her.

“BOO!”he yelled causing her jump out of her skin,and causing him to laugh.

“don’t do that! i all ready have enough problems this morning.”drew snapped at Doc ,who was laughing like a mad man.

“whats the problem?”

“well, other than you,”she playfully teased “this dumb stove won’t work at all!”

“is it pullged in?”he asked while bending over to observer the problem.


“Oh, hears the problem some one disconnect the wires. If you give me a second I’ll have it working like—-“

Before doc could finish his sentience Zak came running in like a twister yelling “DON’T!!”

“what ?why?” asked his white haired mom.

“the monsters!!”Zak didn’t realize what he said until he saw a look of anger on his mom’s face.

“Zak Daniel Saturday!”his mom yelled he knew he was in trouble if she used the full name”did you watch The Killer kitchen 3 after we specifically told you NO!”

“uh………………..maybe.” zak said a littel nevus.

“go to your room and bring me that DVD and then go back to your room because you are grounded!”drew said as her son reluctantly went to get the R rated movie out of his room.

“Alright, I got the stove working” said Doc who had been oblivius to the argumet that just happened.

later that night……………………

Doc and drew were siting on the couch trying to find something,anything, good on .Finley gave up and decide to watch a movie in the only movie that looked interesting was The Killer kitchen than half way threw the movie,the Saturday parents were hiding under the only dared to look at the srcean to prove to their partner they weren’t were both terrified.

“Why don’t we finis this tomarow?”doc sugested,”after all it’s geting late.”he said looking at the clok that read 8:25.

“good idea.”drew agreed and quickly switched of the TV.

the next morning………………….

When drew asked her love what he wanted for breakfast ,she remembered the killer stove and how she had angered their stove the privies morning.

“you know what we haven’t had breakfast out in a long time.”she said trying to avoid contact with the kitchen.

“good idea,”doc agreed”we cold go to Denny’s or some thing.”he said all so wanting to avoid the kitchen at all cost.

Needless to say that was the last time any one in the saturday house watched a scary movie.

OK this is my first story so go easy on the mean reviews all thou i’ll take advice. sorry if spelling and gramer are bad but i writeing a 11o’clook anight and i’m in sorta a hurrie i ment to have the done earlyer.

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