Secret Saturdays Sex Story: "Drew and Zak Saturday bonding"

One night Zak’s dad was across the world looking for cryipteds so Zak thougt he could have some fun with mom.Zak went to his parents room to only see his mom in nouthing but green bra and panties his mom is scared at frist then she saw it was her good boy and said so you want some of mommy’s love.Zak’s mom pulled down his pants and gave him a small taste of the pleasure his mom could give after he came she giggeled and striped and said ready for round two.Zak tolled his mom to goet on her belly after she did he ramed her in the ass she was screaming in pleasure after a while she came but Zak was still hard so she let him fuck her pussy after agood hour they both came and from that day on they have secret sex every night that Zak’s dad is gone

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